Earth day Eco Challenge & free earth empowerment online course


May we connect to nature that lives within us – the earth we eat, the water we drink, the energy we use, the sunlight the penetrates our brain, the air we breathe, the sacred space that is our very earth body

10 Earth Day Yoga Inspiration-Eco Challenge - April 16-25th

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Join us for in an Earth Day Yoga Inspiration-Eco Challenge for generating energy in our bodies, greening our home/work place and giving solar lanterns locally and globally to those who need light for health, education, and empowerment.

Illuminate your inner light by embodying nature and joining us in 10 days around Earth Day (April 16-25th), the largest collective gathering of 1.9 billion people participants. Our aim is to activate our instinctual connection to the earth and awaken a call to postiive action to honor, protect, preserve, and conserve our earth body.

Participate in a free global online course, live Yoga Sol event in New York City, on instagram and Facebook with @shivarea108 #flowforchange #yogaforlight #pranavinyasa to create a positive and passionate community of taking care of our earth body. Each day will have a suggested asana (yoga posture) that connects your body, mind, and spirit to the elements, as well as an “eco-action” promoting environmental responsibility and awareness.

To Register
Free e-course: email to be registered
On Facebook: post here or in the Yoga Energy Activism group
Instagram: Follow @shivarea108 and Tag #flowforchange #yogaforlight #pranavinyasa

How to Participate for awareness and our daily giveaways

1) Post a pic of the day’s body mudra that connects you to the element of the day, with your inspiration in your own way. You can simply complete each day’s phrase: I honor____________ (e.g. the power of the earth that sustains all living beings).

2) Make a positive eco-action in your home-community in your own way with lightness, fierceness, and humanity. Contribute to collective change that can happen with small individual shifts of our action.

3) Post on our facebook page Yoga Energy Activism and on instragram #flowforchange  #yogaforlight #yogaenergyactivism on your post and be entered in daily giveaways by prAna, Prana Vinyasa Evolutionary Teacher Trainings, and more partners. Also win a chance to be one of 9 featured people in the final poster.

4) Be-A-Light and support the Solar Lantern Project and helps us put 1,000 – 10,000 lanterns locally and globally where people need renewable light. 100% of your donation gives lanterns to empower youth locally and globally who need light and can make a shift towards non-toxic sources of light for studies and safety.

Using Social Media – Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, and free online course, this unique eco challenge is about embodying the power of nature and inspiring individual eco-actions that create positive change.

Be-A-Light Solar Lantern Project has the goal of putting 1,000 solar lanterns in the field locally and globally through the campaign; a people-to-people project with 100% of donations going to support solar lanterns empowering youth.



Earth Empowerment ~ Free Body Mudra Course

Earth Body Mudras – 10 Elemental Body Mudras for Every One

Be part of our Earth Body Ten-Day Inspiration for generating energy in our bodies while simultaneously inspiring our passion for life and positive green actions in our home, workplace, and community. Receive a daily email for inspiration with guidance on earthbodymudras and hand mudras for everyone and an elemental prana vinyasa mini-sequence that connects you to the power of nature.

You will receive Daily Inspiration including:

•    receiving the earthbody mudra/asana of the dayfor all-levels
•    receiveing the hand mudras for each earthbodymudra
•    eco-actions – simple, transformative  actions for your body, home, and world
•    prana vinyasa mini-sequence flow
•    entry in the Facebook daily giveaway for a 5-day Prana Vinyasa teacher training
•    Facebook group Yoga Energy Activism and Giveaways
*    Be part of the earth body mudra poster

Appo Deepa Bhavam – Be-A-Light in the world.  – the Buddhas last teaching

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